Looking for something new, fun and very social? Trail Escape is as challenging as you want it to be. You will run roughly a half marathon but cover around 25K, how fast and how hard you run it is up to you.

It’s all trail but in time trial format with transition breaks, so you can walk/jog to the next trail section, wait for friends, do it as a team and meet other runners along the way.

The races are split into roughly 10 sections ranging from very short King of the Mountains and single track downhill to longer trails up to around 3K. You get a time for each section as well as an overall result. 

Choose a start time between 9.00am & 12.00pm. It’s the ultimate Fartlek session for speedy runners, for those who prefer to take it easy it’s a chance to complete a half in beautiful surroundings with no time constraints.

Trail Escape starts and finishes in the Trail Village. The Trail Village will have parking at the village or close by. Our special time chips which log all your splits are picked up on arrival along with your race number.

When you complete the race you can get an immediate printout with your splits and overall time.

In the Trail Village we have catering, a bar and a chill out area with music so you can relax while you wait for club or team members to arrive. We are in no hurry to get rid of you, you are welcome to spend the afternoon with us and catch up with friends, family and supporters.